About Us

Established in 2009, Bajaj Nutraceuticals is majorly manufacture Multivitamin tablets, Protein Syrup, Capsules, Sweet Coat Tablets, Sachets etc all under one roof. Bajaj Nutraceuticals is one of the nation's largest third party manufacturers of quality branded nutritional supplements sold to health and natural food stores. Nutraceuticals, a term combining the words “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical”, is a food or food product that provides health and medical benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease. Such products may range from isolated nutrients, dietary supplements and specific diets to genetically engineered foods, herbal products, and processed foods such as cereals. With recent breakthroughs in cellular-level nutraceuticals agents, researchers, and medical practitioners are developing templates for integrating assessing and assessing information from clinical studies on complimentary and alternative therapies into responsible medical practice Nutraceuticals are prepared from food derivatives and have demonstrated physiological benefits or reduced the risk of chronic disease, above and beyond their basic nutritional functions. Nutraceuticals are different from ordinary dietary supplement in that nutraceutical benefits can be substantiated with scientific facts in the prevention of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis. nutraceuticals are very effective, safe, and affordable as our recipes / formula of all our products are backed by extensive research by highly qualified academia. New food and herbs are continuously being researched and explored for new nutraceutical products for the benefit of humanity.

Our Mission

Highly advanced and fully-equipped manufacturing facilities to cater to all your manufacturing needs and requirements.

Our Vision

By identifying strategic partners who share our values and vision to accelerate our growth in Nutraceuticals.

  • Mr.Rashid Hasan

    NexgenRx Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.

    Working with Bajaj Nutraceuticals leaves you with ample time to focus on your Customers, rather than being worried about Production. They take lot of pain for Customer Satisfaction and go out of the way to meet our needs

  • Mr. Mukesh Upadhyay

    Pulse Life Sciences

    This is our pleasure that we are with Bajaj Nutraceuticals, Most Dedicated & Committed. Bajaj Nutraceuticals is best in timely delivery, good in quality

  • Mr. Manish Chaddha

    Lithos Healthcare

    Quality assurance is my prime concern and that's pre-eminent at Bajaj Nutraceuticals. They are Authentic, Reliable and eager to excel and that's what sets them apart from the others. They have shown tremendous growth both quantitatively and qualitatively. The emerging star of pharma industry

  • Mr.Sunil Bhatia

    Orgyn Laboratories Pvt Ltd

    It is a privilege to testify towards the quality and good manufacturing practices at Bajaj Nutraceuticals. A number of our brands are manufactured by them and the prescriber of these brands and the patient who consumed these brands , are extremely satisfied with the product quality and product efficiency. We wish them the very best for all their future projects

  • Mr. Ravinder Shastri


    Bajaj Nutraceuticals is a very progressive and professionally managed company. Their abilities in product development, quality metrics and delivery schedule make them worthy of best ratings in the industry, and for this Mr. Amit Bajaj and Mr. Rohit Bajaj deserve all the accolades and credits. We have been working with Bajaj Nutraceuticals for more than a decade and their association is one of the most valuable asset for us. We wish Bajaj Nutraceuticals all the very best for their endeavours and grow from strength to strength in years to come.

  • Mr. P.K.Bajpai


    Bajaj Nutraceuticals is working with us as our Manufacturer of Medicines. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their excellent services."

  • Mr. Manu Manan


    Bajaj Nutraceuticals is one the fastest growing company. I am proud to be associated with it. Above all I feel that it's like family for me whenever there is any problem every member of company of respected department are there to help you. I wish all members good luck.

  • Mr. Ravi Agrawal

    Cubit Healthcare

    Bajaj Nutraceuticals is a company which is perfect in everything like goods delivery, product quality, orders processing and also delivers real time products status updates via sms. Really a great job by the company for the customer satisfaction and quality manufacturing